Fitness trainers have a lot to offer people of all ages and gender. The final destination of your career is not so clear, unless you have passion for particular niche in the fitness industry. We have worked in the fitness industry and have an expertise helping trainers sign up new personal training clients organically online. There's a straight forward business model that we've perfected; however, we feel there's more opportunity for girls interested in building a brand online to become sponsored fitness trainers promoting the products you love, everything from clothing to supplements.

Take advantage of your social media following and offer fans workout videos or nutrition tips to stay fit and live healthy. With a background in photography, we can help assist fitness trainers create a sports portfolio in order for us to explore modeling opportunities for you as well. We're excited to expand our work in the fitness industry by collaborating with talented trainers passionate about health education.

When a firm web presence is established, the opportunities that exist for popular, fit girls are unlimited. We invest in local talent to form partnerships, develop relationships and build an empire together. The few girls we represent receive 100% of income generated from personal training sessions. Our firm is interested in the larger picture when the right one makes it big with our help!